Data Entry Course 

A data entry course is a program designed to teach individuals the skills and techniques necessary to effectively enter data into computer systems. The course typically covers topics such as keyboarding, data accuracy and validation, data formatting and manipulation, and data security and confidentiality.

Some data entry courses may also cover additional topics such as basic computer skills, basic accounting principles, and communication skills.

The course can be taken in various formats such as online courses, in-person classes, or a combination of both. It can range from a short-term program to a more extensive and comprehensive training course.

Overall, a data entry course can be a great way to enhance your computer and data entry skills, which can be useful for a variety of industries and job roles.

Data Entry Course Fee

The cost can vary depending on several factors such as the location, duration of the course, the level of the course, and the institution offering the course.

In general, a basic data entry course can cost anywhere from Rs. 2500/- to Rs 7000/-.

It’s important to research different course options and compare their costs, as well as their curriculum and accreditation, before enrolling in any course. 

Data Entry Course Details

A data entry course typically teaches students how to accurately and efficiently input data into various types of computer systems.

The course may cover topics such as keyboarding techniques, data organization, and basic computer skills. It may also include instruction on software programs commonly used in data entry, such as Microsoft Excel and Access.

Some data entry courses may be offered online, while others may be taught in person at a community college or vocational school. The length of the course can vary, ranging from a few weeks to several months.

Upon completion of the course, students may be qualified for entry-level data entry positions in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and government.

Data Entry Course with Certificate

If you’re looking for a data entry course with a certificate, there are a few options available in Jalandhar. GTB Computer Education, Jalandhar is the best option for you. This is one of the oldest and most well-reputed computer training institutes in Jalandhar. You can trust us blindly if you want to make your future in this field.

GTB Computer Education, Jalandhar provides the best data entry courses that come with a certificate. The certificate provided by the institute is valid throughout the whole world. You can apply for the job in India as well as abroad also.

Data Entry Course Duration

The duration of the course can vary depending on the type of course and the institution offering it.

Some data entry courses can be completed in a matter of weeks or months, while others may take longer, such as several months or even a year.

Additionally, the duration of the course may also depend on the student’s schedule and the amount of time they can dedicate to the course each day or week.

GTB Computer Education offers you the 2 months duration of the course. After 2 months you will be able to do a job in this field.

Data Entry Course Benefit

Taking a data entry course can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Improved typing speed and accuracy: Data entry courses typically focus on improving your typing skills, which can help you increase your speed and accuracy when entering data. This can save you time and reduce errors in your work.
  2. Increased job opportunities: Many jobs require data entry skills, and having a certification or completion of learning can make you a more competitive candidate for these positions.
  3. Enhanced organizational skills: Data entry requires attention to detail and the ability to organize information effectively. A course can help you develop these skills, which can be useful in many other areas of your life.
  4. Higher productivity: With improved typing skills and organizational skills, you can work more efficiently and complete tasks faster. This can lead to higher productivity and better performance at work.
  5. Improved data management: Data entry courses often cover topics related to data management, such as how to create and maintain databases. This can be helpful in a variety of fields, from healthcare to marketing to finance.

Overall, taking this course can be a valuable investment in your skills and career prospects. You can also go for Tally accounting software in addition.


In the end, we can say that the demand for Data entry courses remains the same for all time. Every successful business needs an employee who is able to manage all the important data of the company. Learning from experts makes you an expert. GTB Computer Education is well reputed and oldest Data Entry training institution in Jalandhar. Whether you are learning a Data Entry course online or offline doesn’t matter.

So, whenever you decide to learn anything choose your trainer wisely.

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