Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

In this Article Today, we will learn the comparison between Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing. In the world of business, there are many new and good ways to promote a business organization. Besides, there are traditional marketing methods and digital marketing methods which help the business to grow. Many big and small businesses have tried many different forms of marketing methods but fail to know the best one.

The topic of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing has a very vast discussion.

This topic makes many people confused but in this article, you will get a clear and best understanding of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Meaning of Digital Marketing
  • Meaning of Traditional Marketing
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Many big and small companies have a goal to reach maximum people in a very less time; so in that case, digital marketing can be really helpful. In today’s time, everything is becoming digital. One can reach millions of people with just a click. Businesses must know Latest Best Digital Marketing Strategies to promote their business.

Digital Marketing, also known as Online Marketing is the form of marketing that uses the internet and smartphones. Practically, Digital Marketing refers to the campaigns that appear on tablets, laptops, mobiles, or any other digital device. It can take many forms including online videos and social media posts.

Nowadays, these techniques are very frequently used because of the maximum use of the internet and data usage. According to the Statistical Data, about 3.8 billion people are social media active users and around 4.5 billion people are internet users. Everywhere, humans are increasing their screen time.

Common Methods of Digital Marketing

Blog Writing

Blogging is the process of writing an online blog in which you can share your good ideas and thoughts about a particular topic. Blogs can create instant traffic to the website through SEO.

This can be a really helpful tool for promoting a business. Some key points must be kept in mind before writing a blog:-

  • The audience targeted should be perfect.
  • The blog Domain should be customized.
  • A Good and Eye-catching title should be provided.
  • A perfect introduction should be written
  • Write your blog after completing the research.
  • Effective Content can increase the traffic up to 2000%.


It is a method of distributing files, especially audio through the Internet. When a podcast is downloaded, it can be listened to on any device like iPod or MP3 anywhere and anytime.

It is a popular marketing form that allows a brand of a company to grow more and more. This method combines the freedom of blogging along with audio technology which results in making endless content.

There are various types of Podcasts:-

  • Interview Podcasts.
  • Storytelling or Interview podcasts.
  • Roundtable podcasts
  • Hybrid podcasts etc.


It is an event usually held virtually and is attended by an online Audience. These are mostly interactive means which enable the audience to gather the information, ask questions, etc.

Hence, Powerpoint Presentations, videos, audio files, web pages, and other media can be used in Webinars.

An offline Interactive Session can prove to be typical where you need to have enough seats and enough amount of snacks. Webinars provide an individual to Interact with thousands of people at a given time.

All one needs to have is a good internet connection and good webinar software without worrying anything about snacks or seats.

They typically have audio and video components.

They are very important for B2-B marketers today and even some B2C marketers.

Conversational Marketing

This type of marketing is the fastest means of encouraging and growing the buyers to know about the business.

It creates a very fast impression of the company on the clients through direct conversations and messages.

It enhances the relationships and also creates trust among the customers and the buyers.

Normally, many business organizations force people to go through their lead forms and visit their websites.

But this issue makes people irritated sometimes and instead they create a negative impression of that organization.

Intelligent chatbots are being introduced by this method through which one can directly chat with the members of the company.

Hence, Conversational Marketing helps you to get known to the right buyers at the right time.

Paid SEM

SEM stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It is a form or a type of method which is paid to increase the density of the search.

Many brands and organizations pay to show their ads on the topmost page of google and to increase their viewers.

They mostly pay to appear on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

The main Two examples of SEMs are Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Google Ads mainly consists of two networks Google Search Network and Google Display Network.

Two main tools SEM and PPC can work together and create a good result in increasing your result.

Visual Events

It is mainly an open-source event that is used to attract people.

There can be further many types of visual Events apart from Webinars.

Some of which include events with guest speakers, Panel speaker events, and Events with various fun and creative activities.

Therefore, there are various methods through which you can grow your business digitally.

Live Chat

This is a kind of online service that allows organizations and businesses to have conversations directly with the targeted audience and their consumers.

Nowadays, there is more trend that Sales and Marketing terms use Chats option basically live chats option to indulge more with the people.

It is a great alternative to E-mails and Phone Calls nowadays.

It has various advantages which include:-

  • Less Costly
  • Faster booking of the meetings and Demos
  • The sales cycle becomes shorter.
  • Helps to know more qualified buyers.
  • Talk with buyers on their terms and wish.

Organic Social

This basically refers to the social activity that is done without any payment made or without paying anything.

It includes the usage of free tools and methods that social media provides to enhance the growth of a business.

The Basic Aim of Organic Social is to gain loyal followers by posting good content.

There are certain reasons why you should use Organic social-:

  1. Helps to boost validity.
  2. Only means to attract loyal customers or consumers by making them your followers.
  3. Has a very long-term effect on the business.
  4. Is Cost-Friendly

Content Writing

It is a process of writing, planning, and editing web content basically for digital Marketing purposes.

According to surveys, there are 9 skills that content Writers must have-:

  1. Better Knowledge of Social Media
  2. Good Communication Skills
  3. The best management of Time
  4. Good in Research work.
  5. Well Known for Editing
  6. Search Engine Optimisation
  7. Easily Available
  8. Having original Ideas
  9. Well-known with Vocabulary.

Why Companies Should opt for Digital Marketing?

In today’s time, on average, each Individual spends 6 hours and 53 minutes on Social Media.

Digital Marketing has a lot of importance for the success of a Business.

Some of this time can be spent by an Individual on your website as well if you go for Digital Marketing.

Therefore, Digital Marketing has many benefits which help businesses and companies to grow their businesses faster.

  • Worldwide Reach– This form of marketing promotes the business globally. The Internet has a worldwide reach which also helps the growth of a business.
  • Less Costly- It is not at all expensive if one knows the methods to grow their business.
  • High Return on Investment- This has a very high ROI which means input is less and output is very high.
  • Easy to measure and Adjust- In today’s world everyone is well-known with the internet, thus it is easier to use this method.
  • Particular Targeting– Digital Marketing basically targets only small and interested people.
  • Brand Development– Brand Growth takes place which helps for future purposes and earning money.

Cons of Digital Marketing

Though, there are many benefits of digital marketing; there are disadvantages also.

Some of the Disadvantages are;

  1. Dependable on Technology- It is completely dependent on Technology i.e. one must have phones or laptops or any other digital device.
  2. Wasteful Activity for some-Digital Marketing can prove to be a wasteful Activity for small businesses which can grow their businesses through traditional marketing.
  3. Security and Privacy Issues- Digital Marketing makes everything Digital and open to all which stops the privacy of an organization.
  4. Dependability on Technology-It is completely dependent on the Internet and therefore it is very difficult when there is no connection to good internet.

What do you understand by Traditional Marketing?

This is a form of offline Marketing that businesses and companies do to grow their businesses and brands.

Companies use marketing ideas like print and broadcasts for traditional Marketing.

Here, marketers basically use traditional methods like broadcast material and print media.

This involves promoting through television, newspapers, billboards, etc.

Common Methods of Traditional Marketing

Direct Mail

This is a method in which people read newspapers and emails every day that come to their home.

People have to know more about the events and programs and they read the newspapers.

This type of marketing is not only good in B2-B marketing but can also be good in B2C marketing.

Thus, Bulky Mail can be a better option for small businesses.


It is one of the most famous forms of traditional marketing.

Live and offline conferences are very famous these days. They help to increase knowledge.

The audience gets to know more about the nature and features of the particular product that is being sold by the company.

Therefore, It motivates people to have more knowledge and do good research about the features of the product.


This is basically a very large advertisement form that can basically be seen on roads and platforms.

They prove to be an immense advertisement for the ones who drive past the road.

Typical brands use this method of advertisement to grow products and give information about their new products.

The highest demanded billboards are basically on highways and public places which include most traffic.


Sponsorship is basically a financial institution that motivates other interested people to invest.

This can prove to be a very good source of marketing.

Big film industry stars or famous people can advertise for any brand and product.

This can really motivate people to buy such products as many of them believe film stars as their ideal.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

  1. There is a direct interaction with the Local Audience.
  2. It provides credit.
  3. Prove to be really Good for business organizations.
  4. More Hard Copy Materials could be used and provided.
  5. Poses less risk.

Cons of Traditional Marketing

  1. It is a much slower process as compared to Newer means of communication.
  2. It is much more expensive than Digital Marketing
  3. Not very measurable.
  4. Usually takes more time to show the results.
  5. There is very less control over Ad Placement.
  6. It is not likely to reach the whole world.
  7. There is a lack of Individual Authority.

How do find out which method of Marketing should be adopted by an Organisation?

Different business Organisations and Industries have different target Audiences and different products to promote.

Depending upon the type of business and the products, Different types of marketing methods can be used.

Today, there are many methods and channels that help to grow a business; one must choose the best among all of them.

You will have to make a proper Method.

One should try the IMPACT CONFIDENCE EASE method i.e IEC method.

Hence, we have learned above that Digital Marketing is very beneficial for Businesses. Services of Digital Marketing can be taken from various companies and websites.

But, the main problem that arises is that the companies provide these services at a very high cost with less efficiency.

You can try our Digital Marketing Service at a Very Reasonable Price and with 100% Efficiency.

The first test should be taken and then according to the results, the final method should be chosen.


In the above paragraphs, we had a clear knowledge of the meaning and definition of both forms of marketing.

Now let’s have a clear difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing.

BasisDigital MarketingTraditional Marketing
Result SpeedInstant ResultDelayed or late Result
Efficiency of CostTends to cost lessComparatively costs more
Audience TargetedGlobally Reached AudienceMainly includes Local People
Interest TargetedUsually shown to all people irrespective of their interests.Mainly shown to people with particular Interests.
Engagement of AudienceTwo-sided Conversation and InteractionOne-Sided Conversation and Interaction
Feedback LoopEasier to know how clients are replyingComparatively difficult to know how clients are replying


Hence, we knew about the different pros and cons of both the types of Marketing i.e Digital and Traditional Marketing.

To conclude, a business organization must go for the Digital Marketing Form of Marketing as this kind of Marketing is very Effective and Famous nowadays.

Almost Every individual uses the Internet and spends the Most time on Social Media and the Internet

Thus, Digital Marketing can be a well-wisher in today’s World.

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