Scope of Tally in India

The scope of Tally in India has become famous accounting software. Various businesses have used single tally software to deal with their accounts. Tally is very simple, simple to perform with speed. It is time-absorbing as well as cost-efficient. Tally does not use any codes as well as executes in real time.

Why is Tally famous in India.

  • Learners find it simpler to learn as well as apply in their work too.
  • Tally has become a suitable account managing platform in less time.
  • It is easy to learn and practice.
  • Students can learn to tally easily after the 12th.
  • It is used in banking features because it has more feasible to access bank-related projects.
  • Several companies have been attempting hard to find a solution for their business administration factors.
  • It makes a convenient solution for several companies.
  • Tally accounting software has been extremely used for financial control, invoicing as well as reporting.

Why is the Best Tally ERP 9 Course in India Successful?

  • More needs in accounting work.
  • Helps in building accounting records as well as data.
  • Promotes the company accounting data handling.
  • Assists in producing higher client services all across.

Use of Tally

Any business owner understands the importance of Tally accounting for their business. A tally is accounting software that helps to maintain the proper books of account. Tally accounting helps to provide solutions to all the problems which a real business has to deal with. Here are some uses of Tally which are explained as follows:-

Ease to Banking

The user can create deposit slips, maintain a cheque register, print cheques as well as get payment advice too. Similarly, it also gives help regarding bank reconciliation.

Ease to accounting

This is the most used & important feature of Tally accounting. Similarly, businesses use the Tally software in different ways like- debit, credit, sales, payments, contra, purchase, memos, etc.

Ease to Inventory

If a business indulges itself in manufacturing so, a well-maintained inventory system helps to reduce loss & wastage. Similarly, the user can go with the stock maintenance, units, tariff, and items in stock.

Ease to taxation and billing

Tally is not only helpful in calculating taxes, but it also helps to calculate taxes handling VAT, income tax, GST, Service Tax, etc.

Numerous accounts

Tally accounting software gives you the option to create around 99,999 companies and also create multiple accounts. Similarly, Tally has the power to manage single or numerous accounts as well.

Popular Software

Tally accounting is very easy-to-use accounting software since this has no codes, powerful & robust, has real-time execution, high operating speed.


Tally erp.9 allows a business to automate employee record management.

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Features of Tally

From small-scale businesses to large-scale businesses every takes advantage of Tally for their day-to-day accounting transactions. So, let us take a look at the most useful features of Tally ERP.9 are discussed as follows:-

Interest Calculation

Tally software uses different interest calculation methods which are customized for every transaction. Similarly, once the calculation is done the system automatically generates a detailed report. Therefore, the report helps to know the detailed balance amount that is pending received.

Voucher Entry

For diverse transactions, Tally software has the unique feature of voucher entry. Which enables the transactions at ease. Similarly, this feature is very flexible to use.
In accounting terminology, a voucher is a document that has details of various business transactions.

Individual Bill Tracking

Tally accounting helps the user to track the bills of trading and non-trading accounts. Similarly, the user can track their new bills, payments, and receipts made against the bills without any difficulty.


Tally ERP.9 includes multiple ledgers like – sales ledger, purchase ledger, and general ledger in a single ledger. Similarly, ledgers make account management easy because it is differentiated into groups.

Audit, Budgeting, and control

Tally accounting has superior audit capabilities which help the user to have unlimited budgets & periods. Therefore, this feature helps the user to track changes and make corrections.

Billing Information

Tally software helps the user to keep top to bottom billing information which is payable or receivable. Similarly, this feature also helps to separate good customers & bad customers according to the billing information.

Multiple currency support

Many companies are involved in international trade and transactions by the use of multiple currencies are involved. Similarly, due to exchange rate fluctuations companies find this difficult to record the transactions. Therefore, Tally software provides the best help for the transaction departments involving foreign currency.

GST Calculation

GST is an indirect tax which is involved in place of various indirect taxes in India. Goods & Service Tax (GST) is mainly levied on the services & supply of goods. Therefore, with the tally accounting software as it contains various sales and services entries the user can easily calculate the GST over them in seconds. There are some simple steps which the Tally user has to follow after that the accurate result will be shown on the screen.

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