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Java Training in Jalandhar

Java Training in Jalandhar

Java Training

Java is one of the foremost vital languages in software and web development industry these days. Learn the language that will take you to Multi-Nationals. Companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, etc. use Java to develop their softwares and websites because it is one of the most secured language of the world. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to start a career in Multi-Nationals Companies.

Java is a software technology that runs everywhere in over 5 billion devices, from data centers, to mobile phones, to cars. You can use Java for big data tools like Hadoop, as a base for Android, and embedded systems like ATMs and Kiosks.

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Learn Java from 21 Years+ Experts

We are teaching Java for the last 21 Years+ and our students are placed in MNCs in 1st Attempt, so whenever learn Java, learn from Experts. Our trainers are most capable in the training with significant field of knowledge as well as observational skills.

Basically learning is the process of study and success so, that’s why we trains our students with keep on focus on the future of them. We completely believe on quantity as well as quality also.

Features of Java

Features of Java is very bright because Java is being used by multinational companies like Infosys, TCS etc. It is also the base for android programming. It also helps in campus placements and making programming base.

The main objective of developing Java is to make it portable, secure and simple Programming Language. There is an some list of the most important features of the Java Programming Language.

Object Oriented

Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language. Here in GTB we teach our students about object, class, Inheritance & many more other things.

Simple Programming Language

Java Language is very simple and easy to learn. Its syntax is very easy to understand if the user has complete knowledge about C++ Language because Java includes:-

  • Java Programming Language is based on C++ Language.
  • In java there is an automatic garbage collection so, the user has no need to remove irrelevant Objects.
  • Java removed various complicated and not often used features.


Java programming Language is fully Portable. The user can Port the Java bytecode to any platform where they require.

About Trainers

Here at GTB Computer Education we provide best trainers to our students. Our Java trainer have 21+ years’ experience in the field of Java Training. Our trainers are expert in providing Java training on Servlet, Ajax, JSP, Struts & Hibernate etc. We only focus on providing practical training to our students so, that they become successful in their carrier. We prepare them to pass any type of interview so, they can get placement in their dream company.

Certified Java Training in Jalandhar

GTB Computer Education is one of the well reputed computer training institute in Jalandhar. Our students are placed in various companies like – Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Microsoft etc. & doing well reputed jobs. Because our trainers have hands on experience of working on Java live projects. At GTB Computer Education institute Jalandhar we provide fully practical based training to our students on live projects which is help them to grow much efficiently.

We focus each and every student minutely and solve their mistakes and make their weak points strong. We will train him to get high certification. There is many students of GTB Computer Education which are scoring 100% marks.

Components of Java Programming Language

There are mainly two levels of Java Programming Language. One is Core Java and another one is Advance Java. If you want to become expert in Java Programming then decide the right place for your training. Here we explain some Curriculum of Java programming.

Core Java

The GTB Computer Education Institute Jalandhar provides the complete information about Loops concept, multi threading, exception handling, Applet Programming, JDBC etc. Like any other programming language Java language also has its rules, syntax, structures and programming paradigm. The paradigm is based on the concept of OOPs.

Advance Java

In advance java you will learn the concept of servlet, Hibernate framework, struts, Ajax, JavaScript, Java Beans, MySQL etc. In advance java you will learn Advance concept of Java. For more details about advance java, Click here


Those who have good knowledge about basics of Java. J2EE is aimed to be “write once & run anywhere”. This can be used for developing all types of applications of any business.

Java Servlet

Java Servlet is used to perform processing and serving the client request to the web server. Here at GTB Computer Education we have main focus on the practical training of the students. So, that they can understand the tough concept of programming in very easy way.


JSP is an another technology of presenting the data to the web server. JSP mainly use paradigm where java code is insert into the html. By learning from an experienced teacher they will make your learning easy and interesting.

Control Statements and Conditional Operators in Java Programming

  • The if statements
  • The else Statement
  • Variables
  • The Ternary Operator
  • Loop
  • Arrays
  • Lists & Much more…

Future of Java Programming

In present era most of the companies are using Java Programming. Java can be used in everywhere like - Computers, Mobile Phones, Supercomputers etc. By this reasons we can say that Java Programming has bright future in the IT field.

Financial Services

Java Programming helps to develop the server side application.


For development of any Android apps the use of Java API is compulsory.


Java helps to deal with the banking transactions.


Billing Software which we normally see in every store or restaurant are also developed with the help of Java Programming.

Scientific and Research field

Java programming is use in Scientific and Research Community to deal with the huge number of data.

Duration of Java Programming

Java programming is mainly of two types. One is Core java and another one is Advance Java. The course duration is also different respectively.

Core Java takes around 1.5 to 2 months to understand its concept completely with practical implementation on the project.

The duration of Advance Java is takes around 2 months to learn the Advance concept of Java Programming.

So, if you want to do complete Java ( Core Java + Advance Java) the duration will be of around 4 to 6 months, with two live projects. One is based on software development and second one is on the basis of Website Development.

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