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Python Training in Jalandhar

Python Training in Jalandhar

Python Training

Python is powerful programming language and versatile language that is great for data analysis, machine learning and artifical intelligence. Python is much in demand for these kind of jobs. We teach Python from beginner level to expert level. Our Python Tutors are having 21 Years+ Experience which give live practical training with real life project implementation. One to One Interaction is given and doubt solving sessions are done everyday.

If you are planning for completing your Python Course in Jalandhar then GTB Computer Education is the best option. We are one of the oldest and well reputed Computer training institute in Jalandhar. We are serving our services from last many years. We provides guaranteed Hand-on-experience to our students and also ensure placement support to them.

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Learn from Experts in Programming

We are teaching Programming for the last 21 Years+ and our students are placed in MNCs in 1st Attempt. Our trainers have hands-on-experience on live projects. As Python Language is an easy language so our trainers excellent way of communication makes the learning easier. More than thousands of student have been benefited by learning from GTB Computer Education.

Future of Python Programming

Future of Python is very bright because in future Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence is going to be a big concepts in future. This reasons leads to much demand in India and abroad for Python. Python Programming have bright future in every field some of them are explained as follows

Syllabus of Python Training

Components of Python Programming

Here at GTB Computer Education we mainly focus on providing Practical Knowledge to our students. So, that they become to crack any type of interview without any difficulty. Here are some Components of Python language


Expressions represent the values. The expressions are the combination of Variables, Operators and call to functions.

Functions & Methods

Functions are that part of Python Language which can run the codes after run and provide output. In GTB Computer Education we teach you each and every components of Python Language in a very easy way.


The instructions which is interpret by the Python interpreter are called Statements.


Tuples are just same like Lists. But the major difference is that we can not change the elements of Tuples like Lists.

OOPs Concept

Python Language is an Object-Oriented Programming Language. Here we can easily create & use classes & objects. There is some major principles of Object Oriented Programming system is mentioned below

  • Class
  • Object
  • Method
  • Data Abstraction
  • Inheritance & Much more ...

File Handling

The concept of File Handling is very major part of any web Application. In python Programming there is an several functions for creating, updating, reading & deleting files.

Exception Handling & Much more ...

Features of Python Programming Language

Easy to learn & use

Python Programming is very easy to use because it involved lots of resources. In Python the syntax of codes are far easy as compare to other programming language. By this the coding of Python programming is easily understand by whom are not expert in Programming.

Free and Open source

Python is an free to use and Open source Programming Language.


Python is an Procedural and Open source programming Language. Here the concepts of subjects and classes are come in existence.

Automatic Garbage Collection

Python Language have large Garbage collection where we can store all unusable data.

Large Standard Library

Python Programming has large standard Library. The library provide large set of modules and functions for quick application development.

GUI Support

Graphical user interface can be developed in Python Programming Language.


Python coding is Portable Programming Language. Which can be used in Linus, Mac as well as in Windows also.

Why to enrol GTB Computer Education, Jalandhar

Here at GTB Computer Education we have well experienced Python experts as trainers. Our trainers are highly talented & having 21+ years experience in the field of computer training will provide Hands-On practical training to our students. We provide them training on Live international Projects under the guidance of industry Experts. GTB Computer Education is one of the oldest and well reputed computer training institute in Jalandhar. You provide 100% job assurance to our students. Our main Moto is Customer Satisfaction not to just earn money. Where other Institutes only focus on making money. Here at GTB Computer Education we cover 100% syllabus as compare to other institute they cover only 70% of the syllabus. We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified Institute and also Registered in MSME ( Micro, small & Medium enterprises ).

Python Training in Jalandhar Key Features:-

  • 21+ years teaching experience
  • Focus on Live project based training
  • 100% Job oriented training
  • Certificate based training
  • Free live demo class
  • 100+ Batches completed of Python
  • One to One training
  • Attend a Free demo class
  • Industry Standard Syllabus
  • Training from Industrial Experts

Advantages of Python Training

Object-Oriented Programming Language

Python Programming is Object-Oriented Language which is not only simple but also very useful.

Quick to learn

Python Programming is very easy to learn because its source code is a fake code. Learning by an experienced teacher makes learning more easier so, always decide to get your course done by an expert trainer.

Quick Code

In Python Programming Language there is an feature of skip the tasks whether in other languages we have to take that tasks. Python allows fast code modifications.


In Python Language there is an feature of sharing different functions into different programs only splitting them into several parts and reusing them as components in other programs.


The syntax used In Python Programming are very easy and clear so the beginners and experts both can understand the code and become expert in Python very quickly.

Duration of the course

Python Programming mainly contains two levels. One is Core Python & the another one is Advance Python. By learning Core Python you will be able to develop a live software and by learning advance python you will be able to develop a Website which will be launched live on the internet. The duration of the courses are mentioned as follows

Total Duration of Core Python Course

The total duration of the Core Python is around 1.5 months to 2 months. It includes the concepts of Operators, Loops, Lists, Tuple, Functions and methods, Modules, File Handling, Exception Handling, OOPs, GUI and Much more...

Total Duration of Advance Python Course

Advance Python takes around 2 to 2.5 months to complete the course. The concept of Advance Python includes JavaScript, Bootstrap, Django Framework, File Upload, API Connectivity, Executing queries, Error Handling etc.

The total duration of the complete Python is 4 to 5 months includes two live projects one is depends on the Core Python & Second one is on the Advance Python. Here at GTB Computer Education Jalandhar we provide practical focus training to our students.

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