What is the Difference between Tally & QuickBooks?

Tally & QuickBooks both have importance. Therefore, we can that the main difference between Quickbooks & Tally is their connectivity with the internet. Similarly, if you are running a company or any type of business then accounting software plays a very vital role in your business.

As we all know human mind can remember limited things so, the maintenance of accounting transactions becomes very difficult. So, if you are looking for a job in the field of accounting in India then learning Tally software is the best option for you.

What is Tally?

A tally is accounting software that is used for recording the day-to-day transactions of any business. Similarly, it becomes beneficial for you if you learn the updated version i.e Tally ERP 9 with GST. Therefore, Accountants who have knowledge about Tally are highly in demand in small organizations as well as in large size organizations also.

Features of Tally

Features of Tally ERP.9?


Tally software is very easy to install & use. Basically. Tally software is designed to record complex day-to-day transactions in the organization.

Remote Access

The accountant can access tally software from anywhere because of your remote access feature.


Tally software has the power to maintain accounting transactions of multiple organizations with different levels of classifications.

Accounting without codes

Tally ERP.9 allows the accountant to make entries with the regular names without remembering any account code.


The Tally accounting software generates instant reports of a required time period. Similarly, if the accountant needs the reports of the last one week, one month, or one year he can generate them in a few minutes by using Tally software.

GST / Taxation

With the Tally ERP.9 software, you can easily generate GST invoices such as bills of supply, tax invoices, etc.

Credit & Cash Flow Management 

Tally ERP.9 helps to manage the cash flow of the business. Therefore, with the advancement of efficiencies in account receivable, payable, inventories, etc.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is most using computerized accounting software in small as well as large scale organizations. Therefore, Quickbooks is generally created for managing the business, personal & tax finances. Similarly, QuickBooks is also helpful in generating reports, preparing taxes, invoicing customers, etc.

Features of QuickBooks Accounting Software

Features of QuickBooks
Manage Reports & Finance 

 QuickBooks will help you to keep a look at all the financial transactions of a business. Similarly, it also helps to input your transactions of expenses. Therefore, the QuickBooks accounting software helps to maintain accounting from the various Bank accounts in a single place & in less time also.

Keep a record of bills & expenses

QuickBooks has the facility to directly connect it to your bank. Therefore, this will help you to get accurate results about the bills & expenses of the business.

Payment Reminders

In every business, there is a possibility to forget about payments. Therefore, the QuickBooks accounting software will help to remember all the payments by sending you reminders.

Automated receipt Management

Business runners & managers have to spend much time entering the entries of expenses manually. But with the help of the Accounting Software of QuickBooks, this work has become automatic with the help of QuickBooks.

Easy & quick inventory management

For every business, it is necessary to keep all financial transactions in a properly managed way. Therefore, QuickBooks will help you. There is the option of an income tracker in that you can easily maintain a record of expenses transactions.

Remote Access

This is the main and essential feature of QuickBooks. Because this is an online software then the accountant can access QuickBooks remotely from anywhere. Therefore, this feature makes QuickBooks more functional for modern businesses.

QuickBooks vs Tally – Which is right for you?


The QuickBooks software is basically web-based on the other side Tally is used on both persistent & web-based also.

Authenticated by

Tally ERP.9 is normally run on a Desktop. Similarly, we can run QuickBooks on desktops as well as on Mobile phones also.

Operating Devices

QuickBooks software is normally used on Windows, mac, ios, and os. Therefore, Tally accounting is only run on Windows.

Internet Requirement

Tally software doesn’t require internet connectivity but QuickBooks must require an internet connection for connecting it with the bank.


QuickBooks accounting software is user-friendly. Therefore, it can be run by anyone without any difficulty. Similarly, Tally accounting is very powerful accounting software. Therefore, it will require huge knowledge and skills to run this smoothly.

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Is QuickBooks better than tally?

Choosing the right accounting software for your business and your career is a very important decision for you. Therefore, QuickBooks & Tally accounting is the most widely used accounting software worldwide.

So, then the question arises which is better? Which software is better Tally or QuickBooks?

Then are some guidance. We hope it will help you to choose which is better for you tally erp.9 or QuickBooks. Therefore, Tally accounting is very easy to use and on the other hand, QuickBooks is feasible for everyone. If you are planning to shift abroad on a study visa or for a job permit then the QuickBooks software will help you. Similarly, if you are preparing yourself to continue your career in India then you can go for Tally accounting.

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