Difference between Website Designing and Web Development

Briefly, the terms Website Designing and Website Development refers to building a website from scratch. Therefore, as its name implies web designing procedure consists of making a webpage and developing them.

In a simple and precise way, we can say that the process of website designing and web development is just like making a house. Similarly, while Development focuses on constructing the frame of the house with the help of coding, and the work of Web designing is about its look and feel. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss the major differences between Website Designing and Website Development.

Website Designing

Website Designing is a process of planning and arranging content online. In the present era, Designing a website is going exquisite to reach all the functionality of Website.

Web Designing Elements

While designing a Website it becomes necessary to consider both the appearance of the site and its functionality. Therefore, the integration of elements will help to maximise the site’s overall usability as well as performance. Similarly, the site usability includes the elements such as appropriate use of graphics and images, well-written and well-placed words, colour scheme etc. Therefore, the site performance generally means the speed, ranking, ability to reach the audience and searchability.

Visual Elements

Here’s an overview of the elements which the designer should consider while designing a website. These elements help to make sure that everything is working together efficiently.

Written Copy

Fundamentally, the appearance and text of the website have to go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the designer of the website and content writer should work together to make a website with balanced elements. Similarly, the designer has to focus on creating chunks of text to complement your graphics and images.


Choosing a font that compliments your Website is a major part of any website. While choosing fonts for your site you have to keep in mind your website’s colour scheme, graphics, images etc.


Colours are the most important elements which we have to keep in mind while creating a website. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to select the colours which compliment your overall design as well as the tone of the website.


The layout is one of the most important decisions which a designer has to take. Similarly, he/she decide to arrange your content in which play a dramatic impact on both the usability as well as the functionality of the website.


The use of graphic elements in web design can help to integrate the text and images so, with the helps the site’s overall appearance. Therefore, choosing the right colour for the right shapes can help direct the attention of site visitors.

Images & Icons

Choose the image and icons which strengthen and support your message. Similarly, we can say that an amazing design can attract an audience in a few seconds.


When the designer uses the videos in the right manner then this will increase your user experience or understand a message that is sometimes become difficult to convey through Image or text.

Functional Elements 

A website that is functioning properly is crucial for ranking high on search engines and giving the best user experience.

User Interactions

When designing a website the designer has to keep in mind the site visitors. It depends upon their device (scrolling, clicking, typing etc). Therefore, the best website is which simplifies these interactions give the sense to the user that they are under control. Here are some examples:-

  • Make sure all the forms are mobile-friendly.
  • Never auto play audio & video
  • Avoid scroll jacking
  • Try to not underline the text which is not clickable


The designer can use animations to grab better user attention. Similarly, allow the user to interact with you by giving feedback. For Example, adding the “Call us” button or forms can keep your site’s visitors engaged.


No one likes a site that is slow. Therefore, having a wait for more than one second can make your user return from your site. Similarly, if your site is not loading quickly, it will not perform well on search.

Site Structure

A website structure plays a very important role in both user experience and searches engine optimization. Therefore, if the user is lost while navigating on the website then the chances of “crawlers” are more. Crawler is an automated program that searches through your website. Similarly, determine its functionality.


Website navigation is the main part that determines whether the website is working properly or not. Therefore, navigation can serve multiple purposes: 

  • Giving easy access to pages for returning visitors
  • Improving overall experience of visitors
  • Helping first-time visitors that what is your site is offering

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Web Development

Web development generally means creating, generating and maintaining websites. While the terms “web designer” and “web developer” are often used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing. Web Development generally includes different frameworks and libraries.

However, using these frameworks will also mean gaining knowledge about various programming languages which are associated with those frameworks.

Therefore, many programming languages are used for web development such as – PHP, Java, Asp.net, Python etc. We can say that the career path in Web Development is endless.
Web Development is as follows:

  • Client-side Coding
  • Server-side Coding
  • Database Technology

TOP 4 Backend Web Development Languages

  1. PHP
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. Asp.Net


PHP is counted as the most used programming language for Web Development. Besides, PHP is a general-purpose programming language that is also used for developing server-side applications. Therefore, it is maintained by an open-source platform that can work on MAC, UNIX as well as on Windows also.

Significant features of PHP:

  • PHP is counted as a highly productive programming language used in the field of web development.
  • Facebook, one of the most popular social media applications, is developed using PHP.
  • PHP programming language is reliable as well as efficient language

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Java is a versatile and platform-independent multi-purpose programming language. Most of the companies are adopting the Java language for its stability. Therefore, Java is one of the best languages for web development in 2021 that you should surely learn.

Significant features of Java

  • Java is a multi-paradigm and powerful programming language that provides high productivity to the users.
  • Java programming is comparatively easy to learn.
  • With Java’s secure feature it enables to development of virus-free as well as temper-free systems.
  • It enables high performance because of the use of Just-in-Time compilers.
  • Java is considered the most dynamic programming language.

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Python programming is also one of the most powerful as well as the multi-purpose language used for web development. Similarly, it is an open-source programming language that is very easy to learn as well as also easy to deploy.

Significant features of Python

  • Python is a very developer-friendly language which means that anyone can learn to code. 
  • This is an open-source programming language which means that anyone can create to its development.
  • Python has support for a wide array of GUIs which can be easily imported to the interpreter.
  • One of the major and key features of Python programming is its object-oriented approach.
  • The interpreter executes codes one line at a time because it is an integrated language by nature.

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Microsoft has built very powerful as well as multi-purpose languages used for web application development frameworks. Due to many updates in this language, the developers can make their web applications highly scalable. Similarly, which leads to high performance.

Significant features of ASP.NET

  • Asp.Net is quick and fastest web application framework.
  • It supports cross-platform.
  • It provides a rich development environment by which the developer can easily drag and drop the components and create the application.
  • Applications have their identity, so before running this .net will check the identity of those objects. Therefore, Asp.Net supports and provide security for our application.

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Now we are going to discuss the major differences between Website Designing and Website Development.


Website Designing includes layout, graphic designs and content production.

Website Development generally means building, planning & maintaining the website.


Website Designing concentrates on how a customer interacts with the website.

Website development looks that what programming is required in making a website.


Designing is used to project how a website looks in the front end.

The development includes how the website looks in the back end.


Designing focuses on the graphic structure of the website. Designers need to have the knowledge of HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Bootstrap etc.

In development technical and coding knowledge is compulsory. Programmers need to have knowledge of scripting languages like – PHP, Java, Python, Asp.Net etc.


Designing generally focuses on look & feel.

Development generally focuses on internal architecture.


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